DRI Staff

Experience and innovation are the hallmarks of our staff. With a combined experienced of over 160 years, through some of Chicago’s most unique projects, Development Resources, Inc. has consistently maintained its claim as Chicago’s premier independent real estate and construction consultuing firm.

Our Project Management Division has guided and guarded scores of prestigious clients through the process of transforming their vision of a new space by a process and into a reality that exceeds their expectations whether it’s a 10,000 square foot renovation or a 500,000 square foot build out of new space.

Our Client Services Division provides tailored solutions to our clients by providing them with seamless management of their construction needs after the heavy lifting of a major real estate endeavor is complete. The staff of the Client Services Division ensures that the same rigor and attention is applied to each task be it the relocation of an existing outlet or the renovation of a client’s signature space such as a lobby or reception area.

  • James DeRose

    James DeRose



    James DeRose is one of only a few land use, development and zoning specialists in the Chicago Metropolitan area. With over thirty years of experience behind him, he is one of Chicago's foremost authorities in land acquisition and development.

    In 1984, Mr. DeRose founded Development Resources, Inc. which has helped to develop more than 55 office buildings, retail centers, parking garages, hotels and industrial parks, representing 15 million square feet, at a cost exceeding $2.5 billion. In addition, DRI has consulted with major space users on over 400 projects representing almost 20 million square feet of office space, including several headquarters relocations.

  • Howard Blair

    Howard Blair



    Serving as the President of Development Resources, Inc., Howard Blair has, through three decades of hands-on leadership, helped to establish our company's reputation as Chicago's premier independent consultant in commercial real estate development and construction project management.

    Through his personal management of the development of over 26 office buildings, hotels, and parking structures, Howard has won a hard-earned expertise. He utilizes this unparalleled knowledge of the Chicagoland's complex real estate and construction landscape to support DRI's Project Management Division, ensuring that each client's vision and assets are articulated by a process and into a space that will exceed their expectations.

  • John Giannopoulos

    John Giannopoulos

    Vice President


    As Vice President of Development Resources, Inc., John oversees the full-range of real estate development for our clients as well as the company's internal projects. Over nearly three decades of experience through the development of well over five million square feet of real estate valued in excess of one half billion dollars, John brings a wealth of hands-on knowledge to bare on each challenge.

  • Randy Bartosh

    Randy Bartosh

    Vice President


    Awarded "2005 Project Manager of the Year" by the Chicago Real Estate Community.

    Randy Bartosh joined Development Resources, Inc. in 1996 to act as the leader of our Project Management Division. Utilizing over 25 years of experience (the breadth of which includes commercial office space, technology centers, parking structures, etc.) Randy has served as an extension of our clients by minimizing and managing their risk through the planning and execution of major construction projects.

  • Paul Perri

    Paul Perri

    Director of Client Services


    Paul Perri joined Development Resources, Inc. in 1996 to establish the company's Client Services Division. With the application of experience garnered from seventeen years of commercial construction, Paul sustains the value of our clients spaces by managing a wide variety of renovations.

    Be it seven or seventy thousand square feet of space, the simplest of offices or the most unique and ornate of lobbies, Paul begins his projects by developing an accurate understanding of a client's vision of their space. His services true value, however, is in his management of the construction process and the transformation of its often overwhelming complexities into a simple decision-making process for clients that allow them the freedom to concentrate on their true work.